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Guangdong printing industry competitiveness enhancement plan information project Open Day activities


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As we all know, information management is an important topic that the printing industry has to follow up in the future development. However, in recent years, many enterprises in order to improve the management level of the factory, have tried to enter the information management, but it is not difficult to find that many enterprises have taken a lot of detours in this regard, on the system can manage to produce less than 10%, most can only invoice, management warehouse, invoice, in fact, is "purchase, sales and inventory". As a result, some factories changed 2 sets, 3 sets or even 5 sets of systems, and there are widespread problems such as lack of production control; What is the suitable printing production management information system?

Guangdong Printing Industry Competitiveness Improvement Planning Committee information project team together with Xunyue software held "information Open Day" activities in different printing enterprises in Guangzhou, Dongguan and Foshan every week, when the production management information application training seminar will be held, and visit the information implementation factory, to promote the production management information project for the industry enterprises, to promote the transformation and upgrading of industry enterprises. Industrialization, standardization to provide application level help.

Event Agenda:

1. Sign it

2. Sharing of practical experience of information management by researchers of the "Plan" Committee

3. On-site visits to various departments and workshops of the information management implementation factory

Activities involve:

1. What is a standard information software tool and what standards and elements must it contain?

2. Through visiting 20 top 100 printing enterprises in Guangdong, the successful experience of printing information management was summarized and shared.

3. Share and summarize the information management feelings of 125 fastest growing and strongest printing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region.

4. Explain the solutions to the five major problems in the management of printing enterprises (chaotic warehouse management, difficult work order cost accounting, slow inter-departmental collaboration efficiency, untimely progress and production capacity, lack of data support for high-level decision-making, etc.)

Organizer: Guangdong Printing Industry Competitiveness Improvement plan informatization Project Committee




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