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What's new in popular digital plateless printing


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Recently, China's first Single-PASS ultra-high-speed digital printing machine was put into production, officially opening the door of high-speed digital printing in China's textile industry. As the mainstream technology of digital plateless printing technology, the digital inkjet printing technology independently developed by the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences provides the core technology for it, which will lead the technological change of printing and dyeing industry.

Digital inkjet printing technology has the advantages of non-contact, low cost, fast speed, no plate making, adapt to short version, personalized customization, environmental protection and green, and is known as the third revolution in the printing industry.

On the basis of years of accumulation, the advanced manufacturing and automation team of the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has broken through relevant technical bottlenecks, overcome technical problems such as high-speed raster data processing, high-precision synchronous control, distributed data processing, and proposed a distributed high-speed parallel digital printing control architecture based on token queue, forming a complete solution, and has 4 invention patents. Four software Copyrights. At present, the digital inkjet printing overall solution developed by the team is in a leading position in China, and can provide OEM (contract production) products for many large companies.

Compared with the traditional printing technology, the digital inkjet printing technology developed by the team can print variable data, variable bar codes, variable color labels in real time and realize large format continuous complex pattern line printing, which is suitable for plateless printing such as labels, textiles, ceramics, books and periodicals, and has a wide range of applications. The technology also goes beyond the limitations of traditional technology can not be printed on the uneven surface, instead of the traditional flat screen and circular screen printing, to achieve screen printing and roll printing.

In order to make digital inkjet printing technology close to the first line of production, the members of the research team and printing equipment manufacturers have conducted hundreds of debugging, and continue to improve and achieve superior technical performance.

Associate researcher Hu Jianhua, a core member of the team, introduced that with the support of this technology, the pattern of industrial-grade high-speed digital printing equipment is rich in changes, which caters to the fast fashion of "small batch, multiple varieties and short delivery time", and meets the development needs of the printing and dyeing industry in the future. Its digital pattern is delicate, no plate making, no color matching, no beating, can print fine patterns, good printing effect, high yield, grey cloth, dye and chemical consumption is easy to control, can save energy and reduce costs, is the printing and dyeing enterprises to achieve green manufacturing, industrial upgrading of the first choice.

Prior to this, the technology has also been successfully applied to the ceramic printing industry, popularized and replaced the traditional screen and roll printing line, which has triggered the overall industry change of the ceramic printing industry. Ceramic tile manufacturers using this equipment have significantly improved product quality and grade, and the equipment market demand is strong. At present, the leading enterprise in the domestic tile printing industry - Foshan Hope Ceramic Equipment Co., Ltd. uses this technology to produce tile digital printing machine equipment, with an annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan




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